Latheefiyya Arabic college is one of the leading educational institutions in northern Kerala established in 1995. This institute is founded upon the educational philosophy of Islam and aims at facilitating well-versed Islamic and Arabic educators equipped with both religious and material knowledge. The Arabic college offers courses like.

Afzal-ul-ulama (preliminary)

BA-Afzalul Ulema

BA-Arabic and MA-Arabic are recognized by Kannur University. Presently, 241 students are pursuing their higher education in this campus. 1457 alumni who had successfully completed the 5- year afzalul ulema course are now working in various schools and higher education institutions.

Learning in Latheefiya Arabic college is a different experience as it has an atmosphere of powerful learning with advanced facilities of computer education, library and smart class rooms.

Students union Students in the campus are active in co-curricular activities as they conduct many educational and cultural programs inside and outside the campus.

Trainings in diverse areas like public speaking, writing skills, life skill education, and spoken English are undertaken by the union.

Computer center An advanced computer center is newly launched under KLIC. The center aims at educating younger minds the technology and computer knowledge. Courses of IT, design and internet are conducted under the center.

The college has its own bus services for the students coming from different areas of the district.

Al-Waha- Alumni association Latheefiya has 1457 graduates who completed their Degrees in Afzal-ul-ulama and Arabic. Al- waha is the alumni association of these graduates who take service in various education centers across the world.

Monthly gatherings Latheefiya conducts monthly spiritual and cultural gatherings in the campus. Students and public from nearby mahals come and join to the events and get relieved of the stress of modern life. A monthly Majlis-u-Noor is held in the campus every month which is an important spiritual event for the residents of the village.