We are proud to introduce our institution, KLIC (Kambil Latheefiyya Islamic Centre), a charitable institution established three decades ago in 1984 as a successful implementation of the educational and social philosophy of Islam.

With this mission, we dream of a community capable of fulfilling the inherited responsibilities. As a result of the tireless efforts exerted by the magnanimous well- wishers from the seven surrounding mahals-Kambil, Panniyamkandi, Patayam, Kumayakadav, Narath, Pamburuthi, and Palliparamb Latheefiyya has grown into an asylum of the destitute.

Apart from winning the forefront in protecting the orphans, we focus on community’s health care, professional and moral education. Latheefiyya is today active in helping the orphans. Moreover, it prepares a group of talented girls equipped with both religious and modern education to make them capable of religious propagation.